RAND Journal of Economics Style Guide

These guidelines are for accepted papers only. Accepted papers must follow these guidelines, and the contact author must sign and return the form below before the manuscript will be submitted to the production queue.

  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style. See recent issues of RJE for guidance.
  • Manuscripts should be double spaced.
  • General Editing:
    • Please use the term "article" rather than "paper".
    • "Since" should only be used in the context of time, e.g., "since the previous year." If not used in the context of time, please use "because" or "as" instead.
    • "While" should only be used in the context of time, e.g., "while this was going on." If not used in the context of time, please use "whereas" or "although" instead.
  • Title Page: Should contain author(s) name, affiliation, acknowledgements, and abstract.
    • Affiliation: Institution and e-mail address only.
    • Acknowledgements: Indicate date and place of conferences/meetings.
    • Abstract: No more than 100 words.
  • Figures and tables: Number consecutively and place at end of manuscript.
  • Sections: Number consecutively; do not number subsections.
  • Equations: Number consecutively and place in parentheses, flush right.
    • Multi-part equations should be labeled with lower case roman letters, e.g., (1a), (1b), etc.
  • Footnotes: For TeX/LATex appear in text; for Word/WordPerfect footnotes are endnotes.
    • Keep footnotes to 50 words (3 typeset lines).
    • Place references such as "See Jones (1981)" in text, not as footnote.
  • Citations: In text, should contain name(s) and year only.
    • See Jones, 1991 not See Jones, 1991, p. 23
  • References: Must be as complete as possible, and appear at end of text, unnumbered, in alphabetical order.
    • Books: Schmalensee, R. and Willig, R.D., eds. The Handbook of Industrial Organization. New York: North-Holland, 1989.
    • Chapters in books: "Chapter Title." In R. Schmalensee and R.D. Willig, eds., The Handbook of Industrial Organization New York: North-Holland, 1989. [do not include page numbers]
    • Journal articles: Last Name, First Initial. "Article Title." Journal Name, Vol. No (Year), pp. [do not list issue number]
      example: Berry, S. "Estimating Discrete-Choice Models of Product Differentiation." RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 25 (1994), pp. 242–262.
    • Working papers: Last Name, First Initial. "Title of Paper." Working Paper No., Department of Study, Publisher, Year.
      example: Ramey, G. "Equilibrium R&D with an Infinite Sequence of Innovations." Discussion Paper no. 96-02, Department of Economics, University of California, San Diego, 1996.
    • Forthcoming: Use format as above, with forthcoming in place of publication year.
    • Authors should pay attention to the setting of author names (surname then first initial [not spelled-out name], even for second and third authors), setting of year (in parentheses, after volume number), setting of titles (articles and discussion/working papers in quotation marks, books in italics), setting of location of publisher, and listing of discussion/working paper numbers.
  • Appendix: No more than two. Label "Appendix A" and "Appendix B." Longer appendices should be placed on author(s)' website and referenced in text.
  • Checklist signature form: Download the checklist signature form which is necessary to submit the final version of your paper.
    • Papers submitted without this form will not be accepted for production.