Article Supplementary Material (1999 - 2007)

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O. Toivanen and M. Waterson Market Structure and Entry: Where's the Beef? Toivanen
R. Adner and P. Zemsky Disruptive Technologies and the Emergence of Competition Zemsky
M. Busse Firm Financial Condition and Airline Price Wars Busse
F. Cornelli and M. Schankerman Patent Renewals and R&D Incentives Cornelli
J.D. Dana, Jr. Equilibrium Price Dispersion Under Demand Uncertainty: The Roles of Costly Capacity and Market Structure Dana
G. Das Varma Standard Auctions with Identity-Dependent Externalities Das Varma
A.F. Daughety and J.F. Reinganum Exploiting Future Settlements: A Signalling Model of Most-Favored-Nation Clauses in Settlement bargaining Daughety
A.F. Daughety and J.F. Reinganum Hush Money Daughety
A. Daughety and J. Reinganum Informational Externalities in Settlement Bargaining: Confidentiality and Correlated Culpability Daughety
D. Besanko and U. Doraszelski Capacity Dynamics and Endogenous Asymmetries in Firm Size Doraszelski
M. Gaynor and W.B. Vogt Competition Among Hospitals Gaynor
S. Goyal and J.L. Moraga-González R&D Networks Moraga
J.E. Harrington, Jr. Cartel Pricing Dynamics in the Presence of an Antitrust Authority Harrington
S. Kartoum and J. Lerner Assessing the Contribution of Venture Capital to Innovation Lerner
G. Levy Careerist Judges Levy
M. Manove and A.J. Padilla Banking (Conservatively) with Optimists Manove
J. Morgan and P.C. Stocken An Analysis of Stock Recommendations Stocken
G. Pacheco-de-Almeida and P. Zemsky The Effect of Time-to-Build on Strategic Investment Under Uncertainty Zemsky
I.-U. Park Cheap-Talk Referrals of Differentiated Experts in Repeated Relationships Park
P. Povel and M. Raith Optimal Debt with Unobservable Investments Raith
J.F. Reinganum Sentencing Guidelines, Judicial Discretion, and Plea Bargaining Reinganum
S. Reynolds Durable-Goods Monopoly: Laboratory Market and Bargaining Experiments Reynolds
G. Shaffer and D.P. O'Brien Bargining, Bundling, and Clout: The Portfolio Effects of Horizontal Mergers O'Brien
R. Sloof, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, and J. Sonnemans An Experimental Comparison of Reliance Levels Under Alternative Breach Remedies Sloof