RAND Journal of Economics Nobel Laureates

The RAND Journal has long been a leader in the field of microeconomics, with a focus on industrial regulation, contracts, and regulation. We are pleased to have published articles in the RAND Journal (and Bell Journal) by the Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences listed below.

Articles by Nobel Laureates

Author Year of Award Articles
Dale T. Mortensen 2010
Leonid Hurwicz 2007
Eric S. Maskin 2007
Edward C. Prescott 2004
Vernon L. Smith 2002
A. Michael Spence 2001
Joseph E. Stiglitz 2001
James J. Heckman 2000
Daniel L. McFadden 2000
Robert C. Merton 1997
James A. Mirrlees 1996
William Vickrey 1996
Robert E. Lucas Jr. 1995
Robert M. Solow 1987
Franco Modigliani 1985
George J. Stigler 1982
Herbert A. Simon 1978
Kenneth J. Arrow 1972
Paul A. Samuelson 1970

RAND Journal of Economics Authors Published in Nobel Symposia in Economics